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To register, simply follow the link below and fill out some information about yourself. It only takes a few minutes! Click here to register now! So I have a jeep XJ 4. The reason I want to do this is because the 23 spline t-case I just got has a nice sye already installed and was recently overhauled with new bearing and seals.

Yeah you can flip flop inputs.

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What you gonna do with the 21sp imput? I may be picking up a 27sp and was needing a 21sp impit for it. Durrr just read what I wrote. You are gonna use the 21sp imput lol.

Thanasi85 Offline Posts: From wat Alex says you can't use the 2wd trans I tried telling him to look into it. But my opinion is just clean up the trans you have in there don't pull the case just swap out the rear parts with sye no reason to change something that isn't broken if it is working just fine.

np241 29 spline input shaft swap

Quote from: sneakyjap96 on March 21,PM.It was offered with both passenger- and driver-side front outputs, with input spline counts from 23 to Low range ratio is 2. Versions were built for mechanical speedometer cables and for electronic vehicle speed sensors. The NP is a solid, reliable transfer case and superior to the NP it replaced. But as they age, the drivechain can stretch.

Also, the synthetic pads on the shift forks wear, causing intermittent problems when the forks do not stay in their intended position. Lastly, unchecked rear seal leakage can lead to eventual lubrication starvation and failure. However, one big downside to this case is the rear driveshaft slip-yoke at the rear.

The housing is long at the tail and the rear yoke seal is prone to leaking. This setup with the slip in the transfer case is also less reliable than when the slip occurs in the driveshaft itself.

JB Conversions also offers the hard to find master rebuild kit for our T-case, so while we had much of the case torn apart we decided to restore its operation with new wear components.

One-stop shopping! We were able to complete the entire process on a workbench in less than a day using mostly common mechanic tools, but did use a press to install a couple of bearings. But, there are more details. It contains full disassembly and assembly procedures for the transfer case, along with detailed information on its operation. Close Ad. Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. Jay Kopycinski Photographer, Writer. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.New transfer cases and rebuilt transfer casesa complete parts list including: bearing rebuild kits, gaskets, seals, small parts, bushings individual bearing, forks, collars, synchronizer and sliders hub, pump, planetary, shafts, chain, sprockets, cases housings and miscellaneous parts.

If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call, if you would like to save money, ask about our good take out parts GTOthey are inspected and guaranteed. Use our online shopping cart, just click the part number and see additional information, add to cart or proceed to check out. If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call toll freeif you would like to save money, ask about our good take out parts GTOthey are inspected and guaranteed.

Midwest transmission has been in the automotive re-manufacturing and rebuilding business for 19 years, and shipping completed units world wide. We specialize in manual transmissions, automatic transmission and transfer cases. We can help with improving performance and conversions.

To improve quality Midwest was one of the first companies to include dyno testing of manual transmission prior to shipping as a final step in the quality control process. Our factory with 22 employees shipped over units last year. Guaranteed quality, correct parts supplied and expert help with every step in the process. You can see the complete line of products that we offer www. Having issues diagnosing problems with your NP transfer case?

We can help free knowledgeable technical support! To speak to a Drive-train Expert or to place an order call us toll free We have a large inventory of rebuilt NP transfer cases plus Transfer Case parts. Our factory rebuilt re-manufactured transfer cases are tested before leaving our factory to ensure quality, saving you both time and money! Our rebuilt transfer Cases include all new bearings, gaskets, seals, chains clutch and viscous couplers where used. These units are Dyno tested before leaving the factory.

The NP transfer case was manufactured by New Process. This model is chain driven and is provided with both manual and electrical shifting, Chevrolet, GMC and Dodge utilized manual shifting.

np241 29 spline input shaft swap

This unit was utilized beginning in Select this link to see what models that use this Transfer Case. The NP was manufactured with drop output on both drive and passenger side and has a low gear ratio of 2. This unit has combination of 2WD, 4W high and 4W low.It was used in the ZJ Grand Cherokee. Despite the different nomenclature, very few mechanical changes were required or made throughout their production span.

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The has continued in the trend of chain-driven cases and has technically and commercially been more successful than its predecessors. The has a driver's side front output and centerline rear output. The NP features two ranges; a low range gear that is a respectable 2. It features three drive modes; 2wd, full-time 4wd and part-time 4wd, yielding:. This tag indicates a J transfer case, with a part number ofa build date of and a gear ratio of 2. Though Full-Time is the nomenclature used, this is a position that is used sparingly, as component wear throughout the geartrain and tires is a result, in addition to decreased fuel-efficiency.

Early s from through featured a conventional mechanical cable drive speedometer output. The design of the is fairly good. They were engineered for durability and simplicity of build - both an advantage to the OEM assemblers as well as individuals servicing them. The NP transfer case has turned out to be stronger than expected.

Most of our customers choose to retain their Jeep with their conversions. It is very common for them to offer good service behind some of the strongest engines and transmissions.

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This transfer case is identified by its red and silver tag on the rear of the case. They are also easily identified by appearance. They feature a six-bolt front face and a longitudinally ribbed barrel case. It features a front face six-bolt pattern that is compatible with the Jeep six-bolt styles. This GM version is rated at a stronger duty by virtue of its heavy duty 32 spline input and output shaft, a 6 pinion differential and a 1.

It also features an integrated cooler.

231 to 241 T-case swap

Interestingly, New Venture documents show the as being rated at ft. This is probably determined based on Full-Time position usage. Experience would say that this is a very conservative number for all other positions.

Adaptation to better transmissions is often less costly than rebuilding the weaker Jeep gearboxes and provides serious performance and strength upgrades. The adapts very well to several popular transmissions, including:.

Improving the 's Shifting Mechanism. Essentially all of them are clunky and problematic "Z-gate" shifters. This shifter assembly also simplifies the upgrade to the above transmissions. The is possibly the simplest of all the Jeep transfer cases to rebuild. Their assembly is intuitive, and parts are easily available and affordable.

A master rebuild kit. The important variations to look for in the transfer case are in the input gear.

NP241 Input Shafts

The comes in 21 spline and 23 spline versions with long, medium rare and short variations. NP speedometer gears are interchangeable to correct for tire size and axle ratio changes.

Jeep Dana Model T90 to theJavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. New Process The is a part time 4WD case, meaning when it's in 2WD the front driveshaft will not receive power. The New Process was used extensively in GM trucks, they were available in their full truck lineup from ''80 and then only in K30's from '' All GM 's are married versions and all are right hand drop.

Ford used NP's almost exclusively from ''79, they are a mixture of married and divorced versions, all are left hand drop. Dodge used divorced NP's from ''74 in their entire truck line, then used married NP's only in the W and W trucks from '' The NP is identified by several features: 1. The transfer case is one piece of cast iron. There is a small idler shaft cover on the back of the with 3 small bolts holding it on.

This is somewhat unique among transfer cases. The overall length of the NP in fixed output yoke versions is about " from the front of the case to the center of the output yoke.

np241 29 spline input shaft swap

The shifter is a very simple lever operating a crossbar between the two shift rails that plunge in and out the front of the case. NP's came with a variety of input gears depending on application:. Divorced 32 spline male: Ford Also found in uncommon CUCV military pickups with on-board generator in figure 8 cases. Ford and Dodge NP's use 32 spline fixed outputs front and rear, always.

GM rear output shafts were fixed style from '' In '80, all GM trucks got 's with a slip yoke rear output. From ''91, 's only came in K30's, and single cab trucks got a slip yoke rear output, crew cabs got a fixed rear output. The fixed yoke and slip yoke rear outputs are interchangeable.

New Process / New Venture Gear Transfer Case Input Gears

Pictured below is a Slip yoke rear output and a fixed yoke:. GM front outputs varied as well.

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In the early 80's GM introduced automatic locking hubs, these required a special synchronizer on the front output to spin the front driveshaft and make the front hubs lock when you pull back on the 4WD shifter.

Only K30's with auto hubs got synchro 's, K30's with manual or full time hubs got normal 's.

NP241 Home Remedies: JB Conversions Helps Make A Transfer Case Better Than New

You can tell a synchro from a non-synchro externally quite easily by looking at the back of the front output. See pictures below:. Normal cover, if the bearing is removed there is a hole in the center of it.

Pictured below is a synchro cover, the aluminum casting covers up the bearing, there is also an oiling groove that is unique. The synchro is generally undesirable because parts are tougher to come by and, because everything on the front output side is special the gears, shift fork, even the shift rail! GM pencil gears have varying tooth counts, those are how the speedometer is adjusted.Competition Diesel. Certain DHDs from mid and up also use a 32 spline output. If you need a replacement DLD, I do have a good one from another with an auto.

I would be willing to sell. I don't know the history on it, I purchased it used held it for a spare, and never needed it. There's actually 3 different "commonly available" DHD t-cases that I have ever seen. Another is the mid and with the 32 spline output and the speedo sensor assembly in the extension.

The 3rd version is the up, which has a blind hole where the speedo assembly goes. It used an electric switch in lieu of the vacuum switch in that port, because those last few trucks didn't have an axle disconnect. That's a very rare DHD t-case that I have only ever seen 1 of. Not if he's putting back what he's taking out. Good info, Looks like I have one of these. But I wish mine was a 29 spline input instead of I just acquired another one of them, myself.

They are good property, but they still have the early shift pattern, which has baffled a few that put them in the up trucks, until they figured it out. You can swap the inputs fairly quickly and easily. Ive done it several times. A friend reminded me of that over the phone tonight, just gotta source the part. Probably be easier than trying to find a 29 input DHD with the speedo setup I need. I'm going to make this easier for you.

Go to the link below, which is an Ebay seller I use all the time to buy odds and ends NV and parts. The link shows 2 different Ebay listings for NP 29 spline inputs, 1 for a wide bearing, the other for a narrow. Wow, thanks for that Mark! I guess I need to tear mine down again to see which I have?

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Mine's the one piece output with a PTO cover. I stand corrected on the "dummy" t-case, it's model designation is NV and here's a pic of it. I have seen one 60 front without the CAD, would love to swap one into my New Process, chain-driven transfer case input gears really warrant their very own topic. There were some forty different variations of them made by NVG. We've decoded most of the Jeep input gears and many are available for sale.

The Jeep transfer case is the main focus of our information here, but these gears interchanges can apply to:. The important variations to look for in the transfer case are in the input gear. The comes in 21 spline and 23 spline versions with long, medium rare and short variations. The long shafts protrude 2. The short version protrudes 1. The rare medium shaft protrudes 1.

You should be careful when swapping any of these gears due to different bearing widths and gear teeth. It is always recommended to verify first hand if possible. Because of differences in the cut of the gear, as a general rule, one should not interchange gears with present gears.

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These years are not always hard and fast delineations. If one is not absolutely certain, disassembly and inspection is required. Note that some transmissions change spline count. The AW4 had 21 splines through In the same year the 4. Be certain, in any interchange situation, that you select the right length of input gear for the factory style transmission being used; e. Short length, wide bearing, early gear cut. Medium length, wide bearing, early gear cut. Long length, wide bearing, early gear cut.

Short length, narrow bearing, late gear cut. Long length, narrow bearing, late gear cut. Unlike all other known transmissions to the Jeep New Process transfer cases, the Torqueflite 42RE transmission as found in ZJ Grand Cherokees features a unique output shaft with a pilot tip on the end of it. This shaft pilots into the NP input gear in a front-facing caged needle bearing.