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Here are all of the Witcher 3 interrogation questions as well as the Witcher 3 interrogation answers. CD Projekt RED included a mechanic in-game that will allow players to establish the world state in this latest entry to the series.

witcher 3 iorveth or roche differences

Warning, there are spoilers ahead! During this prologue you will have the opportunity to face Aryan La Valette, the commanding officer of the armies Geralt is currently in battle with and the son of the Baroness. Just happened that way. Sparing his life, however, leads Aryan and Geralt to cross paths yet again, only this time in the dungeons of La Valette.

Aryan helps Geralt escape. Geralt then comes across Aryan once more in Loc Muinne. Only time will tell. During the events of the second entry in the series, Geralt had to make a rather important decision that displayed who he allied with. Vernon Roche is the commander of the Blue Stripes, which serves as the special forces branch of the Temerian military.

After the assassination of King Foltest, everyone is after Geralt of Rivia. Vernon Roche is one of the only people who believes in Geralt is innocent and offers to help track down the true assassin of the king.

For this reason, Iorveth vows to fight, and kill, in order to achieve civil rights for everyone.

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Iorveth does not work within the realm of morals, slaying hundreds if not thousands of innocents to reach his goal. Siding with him is siding against humanity. This question will actually have two completely different answers depending on whether you sided with Vernon Roche, or Iorveth in the previous question. This is because that decision splits the story completely, opening up certain avenues while completely closing off others.

As mentioned during the last question, both Vernon and Iorveth have completely different motives, so they want very different things. Anais La Valette is believed to be the bastard child of the assassinated King Foltest. For that reason Vernon Roche desires to rescue her in order to try and restore balance to the region of Temeria.

Helping Saskia is more of a favor to Iorveth.

witcher 3 iorveth or roche differences

She is actually a powerful dragon who assumes the form of a human, but has come under the control of one Philippa Eilhart, a powerful sorceress who has put Saskia under a sort of mind control. Completing this quest leads to one of the largest witch hunts ever known. After finding out that Sile de Tansarville had a hand in the assassination of kings, the powerful sorceress goes on the run.

In order to get from place to place, she uses a device known as a Megascope which allows her to pretty much teleport. When Geralt finds out about this he has two choices.

Geralt removed the flawed stone allowing Sile to flee, never to be seen again. Geralt left the Megascope alone and watched Sile perish. Ah, Letho the Kingslayer, the witcher, and the target of your entire adventure in The Witcher 2. At the end, Geralt finally confronts Letho and once again must make a tough decision.Hot Topics. JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Saskia promised a vision of a tolerant society that's open to all races. I don't know if she'll be able to do this with all the politics around her, but it's something to look forward to. Plus, I found people in Vergen more likable and worth helping than the Kaedweni camp.

I agree. I played Roche's path first, because the choice was presented as being between rescuing the prisoners on the barge or taking out Loredo, and it seemed to me that getting rid of Loredo would be the greater good. I had no idea that doing that meant that I was signing up to side with Henselt and Dethmold -- yuck. The second time around, I sided with Iorveth, and Vergen was a lot more fun than Henselt's camp although a lot harder to learn one's way aroundand I liked Saskia loads better than Henselt.

Of course, she goes down quickly, and then one has to deal with Phillipa, whom I don't much care for, but at least we're still surrounded by dwarves. I love the dwarves. Everyone always talks about the humans vs. I didn't find the overheard conversations as interesting or compelling in TW2 except in Vergen, but they were a lot of fun there. CostinRaz Banned 3 Aug 3, Roche, by far. To me democracy is really overrated and Saskia's dream and Iorveth's one as a result is feeble at best, besides I like Dethmold and Henselt, whether or not they are jackasses it doesn't matter, they are genuinely improving the condition of Kaedwen as a nation and thus the lives of the common folk in that nation.

Rulers are not good based on their kindness but how they get shit done. I like and dislike them both. I dislike all the dwarves [I can't stand the short little drunken bastards!

In my opinion the dwarves are waaay too stereotypical to my liking, the jokes about excessive drinking, farting, and random cursing stopped being funny at the age of twelve. And they never shut up, there is WAY too much dialoguing with the dwarves in Vergen, and like I said most of it is pointless banter about screwing women, passing gass, and more talk about getting intoxicated, it just gets really boring because its all the same.

GuyNwah Ex-moderator 5 Aug 3, First time through, I played Iorveth's path, and I thought it was too simple and too idealistic, more greater good than lesser evil.

witcher 3 iorveth or roche differences

Since then, I found out I was wrong about it: there are two very, very different ways you can end up seeing the struggle to establish a free Upper Aedirn. I like both but more towards Roche's part since it has more serious politic and conspiracy dept my appetite. I played Iorveth's first then Roche's. I preferred Iorveth's path over Roche's doesn't mean I don't like Roche's as Vergen made me feel more homely than the Kaedweni camp. And having a LotR Helm's Deep scene in the battle is always a plus in my book.

Both paths have their good and bad points. I'd personally pick Iorweth's path for the environments it offers. I prefer Vergen over a muddy Kaedweni camp and it's ragged surroundings.

Then again the surroundings perfectly reflect the tone and mood both paths are set in. Roche's path is much darker and it's more about the famous "lesser evil" aspect of the whole franchise. Iorveth path is my fav. Thought I found him some kind of butcher at my very first playthrought.

I like Roche, he's a very good character imo, but I sensed that Roche's path would be more similar to the Order path in TW1.Most people were introduced to The Witcher after the much-beloved third installment in this series was released to major fanfare.

The morality of the actions conducted by both the elf and the human is quite dubious, and choosing between one or the other can honestly prove to be quite challenging. The idea of having both these fighters engage in a duel sounds enticing, especially since the result will be pretty close.

The unique skillsets of both fighters will make their fight an interesting one indeed.

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In terms of who's going to win this fight, here are five reasons each detailing out the strong points of both fighters and why they might just edge out the other in combat. As a person who rose from poverty to become the commander of the Blue Stripes, it goes without saying that Roche had to hone his swordsmanship skills to a T so that King Foltest would even consider him to be worthy of such a position.

The years of training it took to sharpen his sword skills certainly made Roche a person to be feared in combat, but that doesn't mean that Iorweth doesn't stand a chance.

If anything One thing that absolutely must be said when it comes to Iorweth is the fact that he's gifted when it comes to the art of melee combat.

His swordsmanship skills are good enough on their own, but Iorweth isn't completely helpless without this weapon.

Iorveth's Path IS canon for Witcher 3 - if there is such a thing as canon

If there's one thing that Roche has in spades, it's a powerful moral compass that compels him to do what is right for his country and his ruler. This sense of innate righteousness and pride is what would give Roche the energy to defeat his opponents, no matter how skilled they may be.

Talking about a person having the most heart in a fight might be somewhat childish, but one can't deny that this morale boost can play a major role in combat. Of course, melee combat isn't the only thing that Iorweth excels in.

Which path did you like better (Iorveth or Roche) - Spoiler Warning

If his enemy prefers to keep his distance, then Iorweth can force them into a corner with his bow instead. His bowmanship skills are just as good as his swordsmanship, if not better.

Suffice to say, Roche won't even be able to maintain his distance if Iorweth constantly hounds him with a barrage of both ranged and melee attacks, But then perhaps, maybe it's not Roche who will take a measured approach Roche has a reputation for overwhelming his opponents using sheer force. While this might apply more from the context of group battles, there's no reason to assume that Roche won't go out of his way to put the pressure on his enemy in a one-on-one duel as well. Iorweth might be an agile fighter, but even he'll struggle in getting some breathing room in a fight against this proud Blue Stripe.The Witcher is a rich universe, full to the brim with some of the most vibrant, memorable, and deep characters in any fictional universe.

Everyone obviously loves GeraltTriss, Yennefer, Dandelion, Zoltan, and a whole host of other characters.

Witcher 3 Dev Reveals Why Iorveth Was Cut from the Game

However, to assume that these people are the only ones worth caring about would be a completely incorrect statement.

After all, the beauty of The Witcher stems from its side characters that add that extra bit of flavor to the main proceedings. One such character that played a major role in The Witcher 2 before being featured in just a few throwaway mentions in the sequel is Iorveth, one of the most interesting and multi-faceted characters present in The Witcher. While it's a shame that this person doesn't even make a physical appearance in The Wild Huntthere are still several aspects of his character that are bound to interest book, television, and gaming fans alike.

Here are ten facts you didn't know about Iorveth in The Witcher. For all the times that Iorveth has been mentioned in the books, one would've assumed that he's made an appearance in Sapkowski's novels long before The Witcher 2. However, what might surprise most fans is that Iorveth's first-ever appearance in the Witcher canon actually came in the game! Anyone who's played The Witcher 2 can attest to the fact that Iorveth is an absolute beast in battle.

His prowess with a bow is legendary enough as is, but he also happens to be an excellent swordsman as well. His leadership skills are also worth a mention, with the group of Scoia'tael commandos under him being the final commando to stand against Nilfgaard in the Second War, before eventually succumbing to their might.

Now here's something you don't read every day. The love that CD Projekt Red has for all things fantastical is pretty well documented, and it's this understanding of this genre that allowed them to craft one of the best fantasy trilogies in gaming history. Their love for The Lord Of The Rings is especially apparent, as seen in the fact that they've made Iorveth reference some of the many iconic terms and sayings from this franchise.

The most well-known reference comes from him referring to "cake" as "lembas. While this might be somewhat of a minor fact, it's still somewhat interesting that CD Projekt Red decided to display a bit of favoritism towards Iorveth, regardless of how minor it may be. This can be seen in the fact that one of Iorveth's dream sequences is the only moment in the game where the Elvish tongue isn't translated.

As is the case with most elves that end up getting the short end of the stick in The Witcher 's universe, the mistreatment that Iorveth faced at the hands of humans led to him developing a distaste for that particular race. However, this hatred isn't completely blind as most people might assume. This doesn't sit well with Iorveth, who dishes his own brand of justice upon this rascal. This character also happens to share quite a striking visual resemblance with Iorveth.

Fans who played The Witcher 3 were enraptured with everything present in the title. However, they couldn't help but notice that one particular character was missing from the title, who happened to be none other than Iorveth. However, if everything went according to plan, Iorveth would've actually been a part of six quests in The Wild Hunt.

Two of these quests were cut from the game altogether, with the other four featuring different characters instead. One interesting dynamic that would've come with the integration of Iorveth into the main game was the fact that he would form an uneasy alliance with Roche and Ves, two characters from The Witcher 2 who Iorverth wasn't particularly fond of. The alliance would've been made all the more entertaining —and hilarious — with the fact that Thaler of all people would've been in the mix as well.

The Battle Of Kaer Morhen is easily one of the most epic set pieces in The Witcher 3serving as a cumulation of all your choices throughout the games to create something truly spectacular.During Witcher 2, the player could choose from one of two storylines, one of which involved Vernon Roche, while the other focused on Iorveth.

Therefore, since Roche actually makes an appearance in Witcher 3, it would have made sense for Iorveth to appear as well in some capacity, but it looks like that particular piece of content was cut from the game. Like our writers already mentioned a few months ago, Iorveth used to be part of the game. However, as time and development went on, this chunk of the story had to be cut for multiple reasons, but it was quite a big part of the game.

If we do something like that, we do it right and we do the character justice. Share your favourite articles, chat with the team and more. Looking for more exciting features on the latest technology? Topics: blood and winecd projekt redwitcher 3witcher news.

Witcher 2: Roche VS Iorveth Encounter (Both Variants)

Be Social With eTeknix. Send this to a friend. Send Cancel. About Us Advertise. All rights reserved. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. Hosted by InnoScale.Hot Topics. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. But this isn't true if you accept the idea of some kind of canon.

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Let's compare the positions of the characters at the end of W2 and what is being said in W3. If you side with Roche and free Anais then Dandelion narrates that Temeria is ruled by Anais and everything is great - except it isn't. The narrations of Dandelion in general are just that and cannot be taken literally.

We find out still in W2 that Nilfgaard is crossing the Yaruga or at least has the troops already assembled there.

If you sided with Roche, he is in Loc Muinne at that point. In W3 he says that the Temerian army was quickly overwhelmed and scattered after 3 days of holding Nilfgaard back. He participated in the fighting. So how does Roche get from Loc Muinne to the southern border of Temeria kind of immediately? It must take a while to travel - even on horseback or sailing on the Pontar.

On the other hand the same applies to John Natalis who is in Loc Muinne in any case and must also get to the southern border very fast. Plus, John Natalis doesn't know about the coming war.

If you freed Triss yourself, Roche is said to be together with Anais in the wilderness.

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That really doesn't make much sense. On the Iorveth side, you can find out in Secrets of Loc Muinne that Roche is dispatched already to the southern border to look for the Nilfgaardian army. Natalis will most likely get back to Vizima ASAP and then take all the army he can muster and rush to the southern border where Roche and Natalis join forces. This is still a stretch for Natalis but at least Roche is already in the area. Furthermore Anais isn't mentioned and that fits with W3.

The planned division of Temeria obviously doesn't happen, because the war starts immediately. One more occasion of Dandelion narrating something that doesn't happen. In the comic that came with Hearts of Stone we find out that Dandelion not always writes or tells the truth.

The same probably applies to the W2 epilogue narration. Furthermore releasing Saskia from the spell is assumed in the aforementioned comic and Philippa can escape from the dungeon with Geralt's help. If you free Triss, she remains locked up in the dungeon of Loc Muinne and cannot use her powers.

However W2 already shows her escaping from Loc Muinne. How did she get out of the dungeon and rid of the shackles - alone? The comic makes it clear that Iorveth left Vergen shortly after Loc Muinne and roams the wilderness. As he was planned to be in W3, he is alive and just not shown in W3 and his presumable death remains an unconfirmed rumor. Lastly you cannot free Triss by yourself, because the Witch Hunt happens in W3 and therefore recreating the Council and Conclave is inconsequential.

All in all the Iorveth path is much closer to the starting point of W3 than choosing Roche's path. However all paths suffer some plot holes or at least lack explanation about what happens. I'd like to see a comprehensive and official history about all the things that happen from the start of W2 to the end of W3 relevant to the upcoming war and the political situation across the northern realms.

For example: What happens in Vizima during W2? Neither path is "canon" - the fact that you can import the choice into TW3 tells that by itself.

Otherwise, the game would have just unconditionally assumed that you have taken that path.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

Global Achievements. Global Leaderboards. I never did keep my save games though because: One, I didn't think a Witcher 3 would be made and Two, did not think it would transfer previous saves if there were. In my second play through now I've found myself making different decisions from those that I remember making four years ago.

witcher 3 iorveth or roche differences

I didn't end up fighting Loredo in Flotsam and I gave Iorveth a sword when Roche's men attached after the conversation with the king slayer, Letho. Clearly taking Iorveth's path would be the better option for me considering I sided with Roche the last time, but what's better for Witcher 3? If I'm to transfer my saves from Witcher 2 to Witcher 3 what is considered the better path to follow - Iorveth or Roche? Or does it matter? Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. I'm sorry but what do you want exactly?

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You want a side that will leave you with benefits in part 3? Last edited by SoI dCentur 0 ; 31 May, am. Originally posted by Centurio :. Well, that's entirely up to you. The Witcher games and their choices are all shaded in gray. As you've noticed by now, everyone is evil and you choose the choices that you think is right. So, if you think that the elves deserve the freedom that they want and you want to join a cause that has a low probability of ever seeing the light of day, then choose Iorveth.

If you want a path of political intrigue that will put you in the center of it all, then choose Roche but with the lingering thought that you could've done something for the elves.

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It's all up to you, otherwise, what would be the point of choices in games if in the end, you're just craving for the best experience possible? Last edited by soopytwist ; 31 May, am.

Draven View Profile View Posts. It depends on what kind of witcher you are going for.